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    1. Make a video and upload it to YouTube. It´s easy!

    2. Include “Make It Better” in the title of your video.
    3. Email the YouTube link to or submit it as a video response to

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    Film a Letter, Make It Better


    Why make a video and what to include?

    Are you a youth, adult, teacher, parent, friend, activist, donor, artist, or person who is doing something to Make It Better right now?

    Broadcast your work and inspire others to take action! Send a positive, encouraging message describing how you are, or once were:

    • Starting or involved in a Gay-Straight Alliance or similar group
    • Fighting slurs like “that´s so gay”
    • Improving your school´s policies on bullying and harassment
    • Sticking up for your LGBTQ friends
    • Supporting an LGBTQ young person in your family
    • Calling on Congress to pass the Student Non-Discrimination Act or the Safe Schools Improvement Act
    • Donating to causes like the Make It Better Project

    What is the difference between “It Gets Better” videos and “Make It Better” videos?

    “It Gets Better” is a powerful story-telling campaign, which imparts hope by showing the difference between "now" and "then." Its arc is: 1. Life was tough. 2. Time passed. 3. Life is better. The Make It Better Project complements the It Gets Better Project by filling in the gaps – and the action – of that story, fleshing out step number two: how you can make it better. 

    A Make It Better video is an opportunity for the people who are making a difference to tell their stories and thereby inspire others to follow their path.  Youth who are making it better in their schools every day share advice with other youth facing the same struggles.  Adults who volunteer in their communities share resources for other adult allies who would like to get involved. Teachers explain the difference that a “Safe Space” sign or LGBT-inclusive classroom materials can make.

    If you’re making it better – by standing up to slurs, starting a GSA, or in any other way – this is your chance to broadcast change!