Make It Better Semester

    Create change in YOUR school right now!  

    Download fliers and posters to participate, make a video, and join and mobilize your community to participate in the Write a Letter, Make It Better campaign! Organize your friends or your Gay-Straight Alliance to ask your principal to Make It Better!

    Better yet, if you write a blog post for this site about the work you're doing to Make It Better in your school, you could win rainbow bracelets to help you raise money for your GSA! If you're interested, email

    Through the Summer Camp(aign), we built up a ton of resources for you to use now that you're back in school. Watch the workshops below, and ask students across the country -- including youth trainers from Gay-Straight Alliance Network -- any questions you have over at the Gay-Straight Alliance Network Facebook page.

    Don't forget, too, to add any events you hold in your school or community to the group calendar. Inspire and get inspired by others -- just contribute to the calendar and see the events that young people are holding all over the country!

    1. Orientation SessionLearn about the Make It Better Project, the facts about LGBT bullying, and even what it really means to be a "boy" or "girl." 
    2. Start a Gay-Straight Alliance & Make It Better in Your School: GSA clubs are one of the best ways to make your school safer for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. Tune in to learn how to start one and to learn about different actions you can take in your school, with or without a GSA! 
    3. Make It Better by Telling Your StoryTelling your story is a form of activism that can help change the minds of your peers, your teachers, your neighbors, and even your legislators. Learn how to talk about your experiences in a way that can change society. 
    4. Know Your Rights!  Youth from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will present this workshop on the legal steps you can take to fight discrimination in your school. 
    5. Become a Kickass Straight AllyFeaturing We Are Straight But Not Narrow's Avan Jogia (star of Nickelodeon's Victorious) answering YOUR questions about being a straight ally!