Film a Letter

    Film a Letter, Make It Better

    Share your story and you can make it better for today’s high school students -- whether you’re still in high school or graduated 30 years ago!

    Write a letter to your high school’s current principal -- or film a letter to all principals -- and let them know what life was like for LGBT youth when you were in school. Did you experience or witness discrimination when you attended? Ask what the school administration is doing to stop bullying and to support LGBT students and allies. Let them know what a principal’s support or intervention would have meant for you or your LGBT classmates.

    For filming your letter, tell all principals in America why they should support Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in schools. Tell principals how they can make it better!


    1. Film your video letter and upload it to YouTube. It´s easy!

    2. Include “Film a Letter, Make It Better” in the title of your video.
    3. Email the YouTube link to or submit it as a video response to

    What will it look like? Check out these great video letters from Gay-Straight Alliance Network youth: